How to apply

  1. See if your project aligns with Hagerty’s corporate giving criteria

    Review initiatives we support and general requirements.

  2. Apply online

    Fill out an online application - it takes about 20 minutes. Apply now

  3. Check your email

    We’ll review applications each quarter and get back to you according to our application timeline. If you have questions, please email

Initiatives we support

We support organizations that serve more than 100 people, and who are located near Hagerty’s U.S. operations in Traverse City, MI; Dublin, OH; Golden, CO; Greenwich, CT. The organization should also demonstrate commitment to equality and inclusion, while aligning to one of these initiatives:

  • Small business & entrepreneurship

    We invest in the development and resiliency of small businesses and innovation.

  • Local economic development

    We support business attraction and retention efforts in the regions near our offices.

  • Community stewardship of environment

    We support organizations that demonstrate environmental stewardship in the community.

  • Community resilience & crisis relief

    We support the community through natural disaster relief and crisis relief efforts.

  • Sustainable/Green businesses

    We support small businesses that demonstrate environmental stewardship and innovation.

  • Regional parks & recreation

    We invest in organizations that provide public access for community benefit near our offices.

General requirements

Here are some things we’ll ask from you:

  1. Organizational overview and eligibility

    Description of your organization and how it aligns with our Planet or Prosperity pillars.

  2. Statement of need

    Description of the specific purpose for which the donation is to be used, the solution provided by the organization, and how it will enhance the community.

  3. Population served

    Description of the population served, and how the organization demonstrates commitment to equality and inclusion.

  4. Impact indicators

    Evaluation and reporting of project outcomes, including documentation (project report, photographs, video) within 4 weeks after the project closes.

  5. Budget and project timeline

    Organizational budget and project budget, other committed resources and partners, and previous funding from Hagerty.

Key dates

We review applications every quarter. You’ll receive notifications on the status of your application via email, based on the following timeline:

QuarterApplication dueDecision
Q1Jan 29Feb 15
Q2Apr 30May 14
Q3Aug 31Sep 21
Q4Nov 30Dec 21

Frequently asked questions

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  • If I received previous funding will that influence or guarantee future requests for support?

  • Can I request a donation for an activity that occurred in the past?

  • Can I use the Hagerty logo if I receive a donation?

  • Who can I contact for questions?