Our impact

We are taking the wheel as a catalyst for good to drive positive impact in the world.


Non-profits supported since 2010


Granted in local community support


Volunteer service hours


Invested in preserving car culture


Vehicles added to the NHV registration


Female representation on the leadership team

Our strategy

Force for growth and good

Our impact strategy aims to leverage our position as the world’s largest membership organization for car lovers to be a catalyst for positive change across the issues that matter most to our teams, our members, the broader automotive community, our shareholders, and the planet at large.

Our priorities


Advocating to save driving

We preserve and celebrate our automotive culture and the joy of driving for future generations.
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Cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture

We advance a diverse culture of belonging across our team, member base, and automotive enthusiast community.
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Advancing environmental action

We aspire to be a driving force for a more sustainable world in our operations and the industry at large.
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Investing in shared purpose

We empower our team to make an impact while spurring prosperity and connections in the community.
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Operating with integrity and excellence

We operate with the highest ethical standards and unwavering commitment to excellence to ensure we always do what is right.
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We are committed to leading the industry with strategically-informed, game-changing ideas that align with our core values and harness our growing ecosystem to create a better world for all our stakeholders.

Our commitment

Amplifying our impact

We are proud of our impact to date, but we know that we can do better. In the next phase, we are focused on quantifying our impact today, setting clear targets and goals to drive toward, and course-correcting to ensure our impact strategy drives change where it matters most.

Impact in action

Earth Day Cars & Caffeine

In a special Earth Day edition of Cars & Caffeine focused on automotive recycling, we safely disposed of 200 gallons of liquid waste and 23 pounds of solid waste.

California Mille

We made the 2022 California Mille a net neutral motoring event through a carbon offset program on behalf of the entrants.

Maintaining Safe and Inclusive Work Environments

Hagerty leaders in our Member Service Center formed an equity committee to proactively maintain and ensure a safe and inclusive work environment.