We believe in the human drive to connect.

How we give with impact

Cars shorten the distance between us.

We foster connection through automotive culture by supporting local communities.

How we make an impact:

  • Culture of belonging

    Through recruiting, training and development, we create a culture of belonging and celebrate diversity in our workplace and communities.

  • Corporate citizenship

    Materially empowering our team members, the prosperity of our communities and practicing enviromental stewardship for our planet.

  • Hagerty Drivers Foundation

    Advocating for our automotive culture by investing in education and industry, preserving and celebrating it for future generations.

Our impact stories

Season of CARing

We contributed more than 1,500 volunteer hours and a matching donation to the International Council for Small Businesses.

Restore the Roar

We provided $500,000 in grants to support automotive small businesses through COVID-19.

Driving Gratitude

Hagerty partnered with SCORE to recognize and thank small businesses nationwide, donating $25,000.