McKeel Hagerty

Chief Executive Officer

McKeel considers it the company’s purpose to help classic car lovers get the most enjoyment out of their cars. His passion for classics has driven the company to a leadership position within the automotive industry.

Under McKeel’s direction, Hagerty quickly became the most recognizable brand in classic car insurance, with marketing that injected humor and excitement. With an emphasis on classic car expertise, he has developed the most savvy service team in the industry while continuing to expand internationally and pushing the company beyond insurance, providing resources that help enthusiasts enjoy their classics even more.

From the beginning of his career with Hagerty, McKeel has felt a responsibility to support organizations and initiatives that help ensure classic vehicles, and the lifestyle that revolves around them, thrive well into the future. This passion led to Hagerty’s all-encompassing approach to further the classic car industry, with youth programs that excite young people by providing them with unique access to classics; the Hagerty Education Program, which provides educational and training opportunities for people pursuing careers in automotive restoration; and the Historic Vehicle Association, which works on behalf of its 400,000 members to protect and celebrate the automobile as a significant part of our culture.

McKeel’s knowledge and enthusiasm have given him a reputation as an authority within the automotive industry. He is the youngest judge ever to have served for the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, a position he has held for over a decade. He represents the classic car community on numerous boards and advisory groups and makes frequent appearances as a trusted automotive and car market expert on ESPN, Speed, Discovery and CNBC.

McKeel attended Pepperdine University, Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary and Boston College, completing graduate work in philosophy and classics.